Wax Melt Safety

How to use burners and our wax melts safely

Always use a burner designed for wax melts, we recommend using a tea light burner, as not all electric burners can give off the same quality scent throw. 
Before use, make sure to check your burner for any hairline cracks or chips. If found, dispose of immediately as this could potentially be a fire hazard.
Always use 1 4 hour tea light, using bigger tea lights could potentially be a fire hazard. 
Place your burner on a heatproof surface before lighting and place a piece of your wax melt inside the well of the burner. Do not move once lit.

Always keep your burners and wax melts out of reach from children and pets. 
Do not leave tour burner unattended when lit.
Keep away from draughty/windows.
Make sure to always read the safety information provided with our products (CLP labels)

All our products are made in accordance to the European Regulation on classification labelling and packaging (CLP) which is always located on the back of our products.