About Us

Behind the business:

Manchester Wax Melts was established in November 2020 during the second lockdown by Aimee Thomas. She first began this as a hobby to keep herself occupied whilst at home being a full time mum to her 3 year old daughter. After her friends and family had trialled her wax melts and given good feedback this is when her small business was created. 
Having launched with 5 scents, the demand grew for her wax melts and she was able to expand. 
She spent months researching and trialling products to ensure her wax melts and candles give off the maximum scent throw to fill your homes. 

About our wax melts and candles:

Both our candles and wax melts are made using soya wax which is a natural plant based wax. It is also biodegradable and animal friendly. We use high quality fragrance oils which are also animal friendly.